avocado toast

7 grain bread, avocado, pear, stilton cheese, candied walnuts, lemon & extra virgin olive oil. 8

tikka pies

Red lentils, tikka masala sauce, pie crust, coconut & basil. 10

beef wellington bites

Sirloin, button mushrooms, ham, grain mustard & puff pastry. Served with horseradish sauce. 10

crab flan

Jumbo lump crab, peas, basil, bacon & kale. 11

colcannon croquettes

Crispy potato mash, ham, cabbage, green onions, corned beef & bacon. Served with pub mustard. 11

dipping fries

Basket of garlic & truffle salt seasoned fries served with pub mustard, malted ranch, spicy aioli & garlic-thyme aioli. 8

pub wings

10 wings, piccalilli & malted ranch. 10
Choose: Pub Style, Spicy, or Pesto Parmesan


Warm malt vinegar potato chips & stilton cream sauce. 8


Mussels, green curry broth, lime, coconut milk, cilantro & toasted naan. 10

soup of the day

Ask your server for today’s selection.

french onion soup

Caramelized onions, toasted baguette & caramelized Gruyère cheese. 7

spiced carrot soup

Carrots, curry, coconut milk, kale & naan croutons. 7

kale salad

Kale, pear, toasted pecans, parmesan cheese & caramelized honey-balsamic dressing. 11

shepard’s salad

Cucumbers, red onions, black olives, tomatoes, cauliflower, feta cheese, green leaf lettuce, crouton, cider vinegar & ale dressing. 11

roots salad

Mixed baby greens, baby beets, radish, carrots, walnuts & black truffle dressing. 11

our signature fish & chips

Beer-battered cod, traditional mushy peas, coleslaw & tartar. Served with chips. 15

jerk chicken sandwich

Pulled chicken, pineapple slaw, cilantro, plantains, pickapeppa sour cream & toasted roll. Served with pub fries. 14

b*l*tea sandwich

Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, sunny side egg, avocado, mayo & toast. Served with pub fries. 13

pressed ham sandwich

Smoked ham, pimento cheese, sweet pickle relish, red onion, pickled shallot, gherkin pickle & toasted roll. Served with pub fries. 13

chef’s black bean burger

House-made black bean burger, garlic-thyme aioli, lettuce, tomato & red onion. Served with pub fries. 14

pub burger

Custom ground blend, sharp cheddar, caramelized shallots, sunny side egg, pub mustard, lettuce, tomato & gherkin pickle. Served with pub fries. 15

classic cheeseburger

Custom ground blend, cheddar, lettuce, tomato & red onion. Served with pub fries. 13

crispy duck

Duck confit, mashed potatoes, ale-braised kale, bacon & grain mustard demi-glace. 18

pan-seared salmon

Salmon, potato, wild mushrooms, tomato & basil. 18

chicken tikka masala

Spiced chicken, tikka masala sauce, basmati rice, cilantro & garlic naan. 17

beef cobbler

Sirloin, carrots, onions, celery, peas, potatoes, gravy & horseradish biscuit. 18

spag bol

Spaghetti Bolognese: Stewed beef, pork, veal, bacon, tomatoes, herbs, cream & thick spaghetti. 17

* A large portion of this menu can be made gluten free. *
* Most vegetarian options can be made vegan. *
* Please let your server know of any food allergies. *



Caramelized sugar, Bailey’s, vanilla custard, whipped cream, berries & mint. 8


Brown sugar, bananas, dark rum, vanilla ice cream & flaky pastry. 8


Whipped bittersweet chocolate, mint, whipped cream & milk chocolate. 8


Brioche bread, raisins, cinnamon, sugar, whipped cream & berries. 8

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A suggested gratuity of 20% will be added to parties of six (6) or more.
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